Pustular Psoriasis

Psoriasis occurs in many forms. Some forms of psoriasis are very common but some occur in very few people. One among such uncommon psoriasis is Pustular psoriasis. This form of psoriasis occurs in very few people. It can be regarded as the most extreme form of psoriasis. A person who has suffered from this disease can explain how pathetic it is. Unlike other forms of psoriasis, its symptoms are clearly defined. In this disorder, a big bump forms on the body which is full of pus or pustules. The area around these bumps also remains red. This redness persists throughout the disease. This disorder covers most part of the skin.

In the initial stages of this disease, it may look like any other psoriasis but gradually it takes an extreme form. The symptoms vary from person to person. Some may have very severe symptoms but some may face mild symptoms. This disorder can be acute, chronic or sub acute depending upon the persistence of the symptoms. In the acute case, a person suffers from fever and skin reactions but in a chronic case bumps and pus will be noticed.

Any person can suffer from this disease. In adults also both men and women have equal chances of getting a Pustular psoriasis. This form of psoriasis can occur because of numerous reasons. Following are some of the main causes:

  1. Consumption of systemic steroids and then disruption their use abruptly can cause Pustular psoriasis in a person.
  2. Topical solutions that may irritate the skin like ointments and creams can also trigger this skin disorder.
  3. Various types of infections can cause this disease in the body. If somehow an infection enhances on the body then it may become Pustular psoriasis.
  4. If a person is suffering from high cholesterol levels and gets affected by jaundice, then there are chances that he may get Pustular psoriasis.
  5. Hypocalcaemia is also a potent psoriasis causative agent.

Symptoms of Pustular Psoriasis

  1. Initially, headaches, nausea, fever, pain in joints, uneasiness, and reduced appetite are noticed. But slowly the symptoms become more severe.
  2. Appearance of bumps on the body is the major symptom of this disorder. These bumps occur in the folds of the body. The bumps are full of pustules and they may break anytime and flow through the sheets.
  3. This process may continue for two to three months.
  4. After this phase, usually hair loss occurs
  5. After the clearing of those pustules bumps, other Pustular psoriasis symptoms will also disappear.

People who suffer from this skin disorder are admitted to the hospitalized. This is done to make sure that the patient is provided with fluid and other necessary nutrients.


For curing this disease three treatments are tried. Topical therapy, phototherapy and systemic agents are the three treatments through which patients are cured. These therapies have shown good effects on the patients of Pustular psoriasis. All the patients are treated with any one of the treatments for effective and consistent output. If pustular psoriasis is accompanied by unsightly scales on the skin you can find what works to get rid of them fast here.  This page will brief you about the products that will effectively cure your problems.